Fonderia Corrà

Before melting our cast iron, we study every detail of your design, carefully analysing and optimizing it for industrialization.
Striving for perfection has been an ongoing process for us for more than seventy years.

We mould our metal into all sorts of shapes, making cores of products for industrial sectors we know well. High precision casting, clean piece, no flaws and reduction of waste are guaranteed by our fully trained professionals and by continually improving each production stage.
We cast iron, we know its secrets, we use automated devices to convey it safely and ensure the process flows smoothly.

We like to follow and monitor every stage in the development of a product and that is why we keep it all in-house, from the initial design to the finishing. The product is constantly controlled, the characteristics studied during each step of the process and the possibilities of further improvements examined. We are passionate about giving shape to your ideas, optimizing a drawing in relation to the production and offering you the certainty of a top quality piece.

We like our work and we do it well. If you are satisfied, we are satisfied and this encourages us to continue investing in research, machinery and materials. From the very moment you deliver your drawings to us, our sole aim is to give you the pleasure of seeing your ideas take their natural shape.

That’s how you become great.

Our story

  • 1946
    Our company was established by Antonio Corrà and his brothers and initially specialized in the production of lamellar graphite cast iron.
  • 1946 > 1960
    The craft business became an industry.
  • 1960 > 1980
    We created the production facilities that are still operative today and were geared towards automation from the beginning.
  • 1965
    The production of spheroidal graphite cast iron started.
  • 1980 > 2000
    We consolidated and expanded the business.
  • 1988
    Full ownership was transferred to Antonio Corrà, who, helped by his son Massimo, started renovating and building up the company.
  • 1998
    The ISO 9001 quality certificate was obtained.
  • 2000 > OGGI
    We have concentrated our efforts on the continual improvement of both processes and product, with a keen eye on the constantly evolving market.
  • 2010
    We started to manage the foundry in Montebelluna, specializing in the production of spheroidal graphite cast iron.
  • 2015
    Our company is continuing its work thanks to the commitment of highly experienced personnel with Antonio Corrà’s children at the helm working with the same passion.